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Rod Seals Explained, What is a Rod Seal?

Rod Seal

A Beginner’s Guide To Rod Seals Rod Function: The rod, also known as the piston rod, plays a crucial role in hydraulic cylinders by converting hydraulic energy into linear mechanical movement. It absorbs hydraulic pressure from the piston, transmitting it to the object or load for movement. To ensure smooth movement and prevent metal-on-metal contact with the cylinder head, guide […]

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What is a BSE/TSE Certificate

Detectomer® Quad Rings

TSE Certificates (Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy) come packaged with products that could potentially have TSE risk, such as BSA (Bovine Serum Albumin). Still, some people don’t know what the certificate means or why it is so important. If you’re shopping for bovine-derived reagents for your research, you’ve probably come across a mention of being ”TSE Compliant” quite a few times but wondered what […]

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EnDura O Rings


EnDura® Range Perfect For Extreme Conditions M Barnwell Services are one of the UK’s leading stockist and distributor of the EnDura® range. The unique configuration of the EnDura® range makes it particularly suitable for extreme temperature conditions, which could be highly beneficial for industries like Oil & Gas, where the equipment often operates in challenging environments. Seals made from the […]

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What is a Nominal Size?

Nominal Size O Rings

Understanding Nominal Seals and Gaskets In manufacturing, a nominal size is primarily for identification rather than reflecting exact product dimensions, often corresponding to standardised measurements and tolerances within the product’s domain. These nominal sizes can either be widely standardised across an industry or unique to a particular manufacturer. To apply nominal sizes effectively, one must understand the sizing systems in […]

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Is There A FFKM Shortage?

Chemical Resistant Seals

FFKM Shortage – Perfluoroelastomer and Other FFKMs in High Demand An Industry Overview The production of FFKM elastomers is a highly complex process that necessitates the use of meticulously selected ingredients. Even the disruption of a single ingredient due to supply chain issues can hinder the production of FFKM elastomers. Unfortunately, the industry is currently experiencing a shortage of several […]

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Nitrile O Rings for Horse Bridals

M Barnwell Services supplies Nitrile O Rings for the manufacture of a horse bridal M Barnwell Services, the UK’s largest independent manufacturer, stockist, and distributor of O Rings and Back-Up Rings, are proud to provide Nitrile O Rings to the equine industry for their use in head equipment. Nitrile‘s great tensile strength and its excellent resistance to oil, air, and […]

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RRS Sir David Attenborough Hygienic Seals


M Barnwell Services Hygienic Seals used on RRS Sir David Attenborough Antarctic Voyage M Barnwell Services, the UK’s leading distributor, manufacturer, and stockist of fluid sealing products are proud to provide the RRS Sir David Attenborough with Hygienic Seals for their Science Sea Trial in Antarctica. The RRS Sir David Attenborough is one of the most sophisticated polar research ships in […]

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Sanitary Sealing Solutions for Sterilization Processes (UV, CIP and SIP)

coloured o rings

Withstanding severe cleaning regimes… The Food and Beverage industries are progressively pressured by clients requesting a cutback in chemical additions and preservatives, which results in a larger chance of bacteria build up on sanitary equipment. Standard sterilization systems used by food and beverage manufacturers contain steam-in-place (SIP) and clean-in-place (CIP). Yet, a progressively adjusted and safety-conscious market has seen ever […]

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An introduction to Bio Line Gaskets


GYLON BIO LINE/GYLON BIO-LINE PLUS GYLON BIO-PRO® and GYLON BIO-PRO® PLUS deliver best in class performance across all critical factors such as compliance, chemical compatibility, sealability, creep and dimensional stability. The seals offer a safe solution with its modified and restructured PTFE material, pre- formed and stress controlled, for all Tri-Clamp standards. It is dimensionally stable and resists intrusion into […]

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Press Release WRAS

BPMA’s Clarification on WRAS and Regulation 4 Compliance (May 2022) For many years, M&E consultants and other water equipment specifiers have stated that the pumping equipment being provided must be WRAS Approved. This is simply not the case. WRAS is just one of the three certification schemes available now in the UK and any one of them can offer the […]

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