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Press Release WRAS

BPMA’s Clarification on WRAS and Regulation 4 Compliance (May 2022) For many years, M&E consultants and other water equipment specifiers have stated that the pumping equipment being provided must be WRAS Approved. This is simply not the case. WRAS is just one of the three certification schemes available now in the UK and any one of them can offer the […]

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What is Pigging?

What is Pigging and how does it work? What is Pigging – An Overview M Barnwell Services offer a comprehensive range of replacement Pipeline Pigging System Seals available in many different sizes and materials. If you would like further information about our range of products and/or services, or contact a member of the team.

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Product Spot Light – B390 Instant Adhesive


B390 Instant Adhesive – The Two-Part Cyanoacrylate Adhesive M Barnwell Services provide British Manufactured industrial Sealants and Adhesives for use on specific applications. All products are used in the most demanding applications including Automotive, Agriculture, Marine, Engineering, and Heavy Plant. The B390 Instant Adhesive is a two-part instant adhesive ideal for large gap filling, fast curing, and possesses high strength […]

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Mixers and Agitators Seals

Mixer & Agitators Seals

Mixers and Agitators Seals – Challenges & Solutions Mixers and Agitators Seals are used in the Food and Drink industry as well as the Pharmaceutical industry. However, Machine Builders and Operators of Mixers and Agitators routinely face special sealing challenges. Below are the top 5 challenges for Mixers and Agitators followed by our fluid sealing solution. M Barnwell Services offer […]

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Heritage Seals

Heritage Seals

M Barnwell Services Heritage Seals for WW2 Tank Restoration M Barnwell Services, the UK’s leading distributor, manufacturer, and stockist of fluid sealing products provide seals for vehicle restorations. A military history enthusiast used Barnwell Heritage Seals to restore the engine of a 1943 SdKfz 2. NSU HK101 Kettenkrade Tank, pictured below: M Barnwell Services has 1.4 million Oil Seals / […]

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Can O-Rings be used in Non-Circular Groove Patterns?

O Ring Non-Circular Groove

O Rings To Fit In Non-Circular Grooves Contrary to popular belief, O-Rings can be used in rectangular and non-circular groove patterns (Also known as ‘racetrack grooves’, ‘wandering grooves’ or ‘custom plan views’ non-circular grooves). However, there are certain rules to follow. The main design consideration when using an O-Ring in these applications is the corner or the smallest radius. The […]

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Dalek™ Seal Kit

Dalek Seal Kit

Create Your Own Dalek Using A Barnwell Dalek Seal Kit M Barnwell Services, the UK’s number one distributor, manufacturer, and stockist of fluid sealing products, supply enthusiasts of the legendary BBC Sci-Fi series ‘Doctor Who’ with our Dalek™ Seal Kit (Oil Seals). Barnwell provided an avid fan based in Australia with our ‘Dalek™ Seal Kit’. They used our kit to […]

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O Ring Basics Handbook

O Ring Cross Section

Everything to know about O Rings This is an O Ring Basics Handbook that will help you understand the fundamentals of O Ring Seals. Elastomers are different compared to any other material used by engineers. For example, plastic or metal components are most likely failing when visibly deformed. When it comes to an O Ring, in order for it to […]

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Seals Supplier Aberdeen


The UK’s largest independent stockist, manufacturer, and distributor of Seals and Gaskets   Seals Supplier Aberdeen and Scotland. For 50 years M Barnwell Services has supplied specialist seals and gaskets to all industries in and around Aberdeenshire. Customers can count on us for next-day delivery, short lead times, and guidance on material selection for their sealing application. The experienced team […]

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PS-SEAL® Non-Standard lip materials

PS-SEAL® lip materials and configurations

Garlock PS-SEAL® Non-Standard lip materials for dynamic applications For a number of years, Garlock’s Fluoroelastomer (FKM/FPM) PS-SEAL® Standard with a GYLON® Black lip is known for its industry-leading reliability when sealing critical applications. However, when the sealing requirement requires an alternative solution to an FKM, Garlock also created the PS-SEAL® Non-Standard. Generally, the Garlock PS-SEAL® Non-Standard seal can be easily […]

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