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EnDura O Rings

EnDura® Range Perfect For Extreme Conditions

M Barnwell Services are one of the UK’s leading stockist and distributor of the EnDura® range. The unique configuration of the EnDura® range makes it particularly suitable for extreme temperature conditions, which could be highly beneficial for industries like Oil & Gas, where the equipment often operates in challenging environments. Seals made from the EnDura® materials could be used to ensure the integrity of equipment and prevent leaks or other issues in such demanding conditions.

Why should you use EnDura® Seals?

  • Enhanced productivity achieved by minimizing maintenance and downtime
  • Elevated anticipation of seal longevity and reliability
  • Prolonged seamless operation utilizing FKM materials in colder temperatures
  • Standard access to swifter production lead times, with rapid response during unexpected breakdowns
  • Capability to respond to shifting conditions facilitated by top-tier customer service and technical assistance
  • Resistant to Explosive compression and chemicals in oilfield fluids and gases
  • High mechanical strength and pressure capability
  • Temperature capability range from (-51°C (-60°F) to +250°C (+482°F)

EnDura® has been tested to TOTAL GS PVV 142, NORSOK M710 Annex B, NACE TM0297, ISO 23936-2, NACE M0187, NORSOK M710 Annex A.

Material Grades

Material Type

HardnessMIN TempMAX Temp


+0°C (+32°F)

+250°C (+482°F)


-51°C (-60°F)

+225°C (+437°F)



-17°C (-1°F)

+225°C (+437°F)




-41°C (-42°F)

+225°C (+437°F)



89-29°C (-20°F)

+180°C (+356°F)

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