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Material & Component Selection

As the UK’s industry forerunner in Fluid Sealing Products and Services, M Barnwell Services works in partnership with customers to deliver technical solutions.

To ensure that the correct seal to the right specification is offered we advise all our customers to consider the following categories:

(In addition to the below, you may also want to use the Application Data Form or the O Ring RFQ Form)


The size/dimensions of the part and fitting/housing/groove eg with o-rings the inside diameter and cross-section.


What is the highest peak temperature/duration, highest operating temperature, the lowest temperature at which components are expected to still function?


Where does the part fit; is weathering/ozone resistance required; are material accreditations required eg for Water, Gas, Food, Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas etc or other legislative requirements; what are the quality and documentation requirements eg Certificate of Conformity; 2.1 / 3.1 certs; PPAP (what level?); IMDS; REACH; 3TG etc.


What is the media contact on assembly and during operation?


What is the system pressure?


Is the application static or dynamic working condition (cycle rates/duration)


When you require the product/service? Is there a delivery lead time plan?