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Is There A FFKM Shortage?

FFKM Shortage – Perfluoroelastomer and Other FFKMs in High Demand

An Industry Overview

The production of FFKM elastomers is a highly complex process that necessitates the use of meticulously selected ingredients. Even the disruption of a single ingredient due to supply chain issues can hinder the production of FFKM elastomers. Unfortunately, the industry is currently experiencing a shortage of several key ingredients essential for FFKM manufacturing.

Compounding this challenge is the fact that some FFKM manufacturers heavily rely on only one or two suppliers for these crucial ingredients. This reliance on a limited number of suppliers increases the vulnerability of the supply chain.

Due to the forced closures of suppliers and the termination of operations at one of the Russian plants, a force majeure event has been declared by the top suppliers. This event has further exacerbated the industry-wide shortage of FFKM ingredients, posing significant challenges for FFKM manufacturers and their ability to meet demand.

The combined impact of disrupted ingredient supply and the force majeure event has created a challenging situation for the FFKM industry. It highlights the need for manufacturers to explore alternative sources, enhance supply chain resilience, and work towards mitigating the effects of such disruptions.

As a result of these circumstances, customers may experience delays or limited availability of FFKM elastomers in the market. It is advisable to stay in close communication with suppliers for the latest updates on product availability and delivery timelines.

Efforts are underway to address these supply chain challenges and restore stability to the FFKM industry. However, it may take time to alleviate the current shortage and ensure a reliable supply of FFKM elastomers in the future.

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FFKM Shortage and Russia:

Russia played a vital role in the global supply of black carbon, a key ingredient used in numerous elastomer compounds, including FFKM. In fact, Russia accounts for nearly 35% of the worldwide black carbon supply. However, a recent sanction imposed on Russia has had a significant impact on the availability and pricing of this essential ingredient from non-Russian sources.

The sanction has resulted in reduced access to black carbon from Russia, leading to supply shortages in the market. With limited alternatives available, the increased demand for non-Russian sources has driven up prices for black carbon, affecting the overall cost of elastomer compounds, including FFKM.

This situation has created challenges for manufacturers and consumers of elastomer products, as they face a constrained supply chain and higher costs due to the limited availability and increased prices of black carbon. It is crucial for industry stakeholders to explore alternative sourcing options and closely monitor the evolving situation to mitigate the effects of this disruption.

Efforts are being made to diversify the sources of black carbon and improve the overall resilience of the supply chain. However, it may take time to fully address the supply shortages and stabilize prices in the market.

In light of these circumstances, we are aware of the delays and cost implications when it comes to obtaining elastomer compounds, including FFKM. Maintaining close communication with suppliers and staying informed about market developments will be key in managing the impact of this situation.

The industry is actively seeking solutions to mitigate the effects of the sanction and ensure a reliable supply of black carbon and elastomer compounds in the long term

FFKM Shortage and China:

Reduction in power consumption (by electricity rationing) have been imposed in China as well as rolling blackouts in response to their on-going climate crisis. This rationing directly impacts the production of some of the key ingredients in FFKM.

Competition and the pandemic:

Demand for pharmaceutical equipment soared during the fight against COVID-19, leading to the prioritization of its production. However, this surge in demand has resulted in limited availability of important ingredients necessary for manufacturing pharmaceutical equipment. The pandemic also caused disruptions in staffing levels, affecting suppliers both during and after the crisis.

The effects of the pandemic have created challenges in the supply chain, leading to reduced availability and delays in polymers and other critical ingredients. The increased demand and strain on the industry have exacerbated these supply chain issues, impacting the production of pharmaceutical equipment.

Additionally, the semiconductor industry has experienced a significant surge in demand for silicon chips. As a result, there has been a diversion of perfluoroelastomers, a type of elastomer used in various applications, including pharmaceutical equipment, to meet the needs of semiconductor manufacturing. This diversion has further limited the supply of perfluoroelastomers for other industries.

The combined impact of the pandemic-induced disruptions, increased demand, and diversion of perfluoroelastomers has resulted in reduced availability and delays in the supply of polymers and ingredients. Customers in the pharmaceutical equipment industry should anticipate potential challenges in sourcing these materials and plan accordingly.

Efforts are being made to address these supply chain issues and restore stability to the market. However, it may take time to fully recover and meet the increased demand for pharmaceutical equipment and related components.

Stakeholders are advised to stay updated on the latest developments in the industry, maintain communication with suppliers, and explore alternative sourcing options to mitigate the effects of these challenges.

The industry as a whole is adapting to these changing circumstances, and collaborative efforts will be crucial in navigating through the impacts of the pandemic and meeting the evolving demands of various sectors.

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