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What is Pigging?

What is Pigging and how does it work? What is Pigging – An Overview M Barnwell Services offer a comprehensive range of replacement Pipeline Pigging System Seals available in many different sizes and materials. If you would like further information about our range of products and/or services, or contact a member of the team.

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ISIR Seals

What is ISIR

ISIR Seals & Gaskets: (Initial Sample Inspection Report) M Barnwell Services provide ISIR Seals (Initial Sample Inspection Report), which is a vital step in the sampling process that documents the dimension and material results of the first product batch, known as the ‘initial sample’. Before going into series production, these products are produced via series production processes under realistic conditions. […]

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PPAP Level 3

What is PPAP level 3

PPAP Level 3 – PSW with product samples and complete supporting data What is it PPAP Level 3? PPAP Level 3 (Production Part Approval Process) is the 3rd level of the automotive industry standard that ensures engineering design and product specification requirements are met. Read more about the first two PPAP levels here. It may be included during: Design Documentation […]

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PPAP Level 2

What is PPAP level 2

PPAP Level 2 – PSW (Part Submission Warrant) with product samples and limited supporting data What is it? M Barnwell Services provides PPAP Level 2 (Production Part Approval Process), which is the automotive industry standard that ensures product specification and engineering design requirements are met. For a general overview of PPAP visits the What is PPAP page. The process may […]

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What is PPAP

What is PPAP? M Barnwell Services provide ISIR (Initial Sample Inspection Report) and PPAP on selected items which consists of 5 levels, most commonly being 2/3. PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) is the automotive industry standard that ensures production specification and engineering design requirements are met. Providing PPAP documentation ensures that suppliers and customers have a precise understanding of the […]

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Thermal Process

thermal process

Semiconductor Manufacturing – Thermal Process The term ‘thermal process’ covers a broad scope of installations. These installation temperatures are usually higher than Plasma Processes and can go up to +300°C. In addition, thermal-based installations require not only sealing materials with a particular chemical resistance demands but also ones with good mechanical features and low compression set. Thermal Processes include: Atomic […]

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Wet Chemical Process

Wet chemical process

Semiconductor Manufacturing – Wet Chemical Process Electro or Electroless Chemical Deposition Despite the fact that this is a smaller division of the semiconductor chip manufacturing industry, it still plays a crucial role. Wet chemical processes are used in etching, cleaning, and other stages in chip manufacturing. Wafers can be cleaned and rinsed after the first wafer preparation. In this stage, […]

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What is Oxygen Cleaning

Clean Room Class 1000

What is Oxygen Cleaning / Component Cleaning? Oxygen Cleaning is a method that helps remove a variety of contaminants from components that are intended for use with either liquid or gaseous oxygen. These contaminants include oil, grease, organic or inorganic, and scale and if left alone they can cause blockages and potential risks including fires. Contaminants in an oxygen-rich system […]

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Semiconductor Manufacturing Process

Semiconductor Manufacturing Process

Semiconductor Manufacturing Process Overview: Plasma, Thermal & Wet Processes Synergistic process technologies that have some of the most demanding environments for elastomer materials are etch, ash/strip, deposition, thermal and plasma processing. They are frequently confronted throughout the manufacture of: MEMS Flat Panel Displays (FPD) LED/OLED HBLED Solar Cells (Concentrator, Multi-Crystalline, Crystalline) Logic and memory Photovoltaic cells Optoelectronics Power devices Semiconductor […]

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Plasma Process

plasma process

Semiconductor Manufacturing – Plasma Process The plasma process is one of the most hostile for elastomers, especially those vulnerable to chemicals and/or close to the substrate or the wafer. The most hostile plasma processes for elastomers include oxygen resist strip and radical based plasmas (such as remote NF3) and chamber cleans using remote plasma sources (RPS). Every seal, especially one […]

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