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What is an Anti-Vibration Mount?

An Overview Of An Anti-Vibration Mount

Anti-Vibration Mounts, also known as Rubber Mounts, are rubber components used in industrial machinery and vehicles to reduce transmitted vibrations. Primarily made from natural rubber for excellent vibration reduction, synthetic materials are also available to resist oil, fuel, and environmental factors. By selecting appropriate mounts, a minimum of 70% vibration reduction is typically achieved, with some products and applications exceeding 90% reduction.

Our standard AV Mount range includes Machine Mounts/Feet, Cylindrical Bobbins, Failsafe Mounts, Rubber Buffers, Marine Engine Mounts, and other rubber-to-metal bonded solutions. Custom AV Mounts and rubber components can be tailored to your specific needs.

Why Choose an Anti-Vibration Mount?

Anti-Vibration mounts play a crucial role in enhancing various aspects of equipment and machinery performance. They efficiently absorb shocks and vibrations, preventing these forces from impacting the surrounding environment or equipment. This leads to an extended equipment lifespan by minimising wear and tear.

These mounts protect nearby structures and sensitive equipment from potential damage caused by excessive vibrations, creating a safer operational environment. Operators benefit from improved comfort and reduced fatigue due to decreased vibration levels. Additionally, the mounts contribute to noise reduction, fostering a quieter workspace. Machines with fewer vibrations exhibit increased accuracy and efficiency, resulting in improved overall performance. Reduced vibration levels also lead to cost savings, as components experience less wear and require lower maintenance and replacement expenses.

Notably, Anti-Vibration mounts enhance equipment stability, reducing the risk of tipping over or becoming unbalanced, which is critical for safety. Their use ensures compliance with industry regulations or standards designed to limit vibrations, promoting a responsible and lawful operational approach. Overall, Anti-Vibration mounts play a multi-faceted role in maintaining equipment integrity, safety, and performance, making them indispensable in various industries.

Applications Across Industries:

Anti-Vibration technology finds applications in diverse industries:

In the Automotive sector, it minimises vibrations from engines, suspensions, and transmissions, enhancing passenger comfort and reducing wear.

In Aerospace and Defense, it actively enhances performance and structural integrity in aircraft engines and components. It also serves to dampen vibrations in aircraft landing gear during takeoff, landing, and turbulence.

In the Construction industry, operators utilise these mounts in equipment such as excavators, loaders, and compactors to enhance operator comfort and prolong equipment longevity. Additionally, they actively apply these mounts in concrete pumps to stabilise equipment and safeguard surrounding structures.

In industrial machinery, Anti-Vibration mounts reduce vibrations in heavy machines such as presses, lathes, and mills, preserving precision and durability. CNC machines benefit from these mounts during high-speed operations to maintain accuracy.

In the Marine sector, Anti-Vibration mounts are vital for ships and vessels to mitigate engine and wave-induced vibrations, improving structural integrity. In ship engine rooms, these mounts actively isolate engine and generator vibrations, thereby reducing noise and improving crew comfort.

Types of Anti-Vibration Mounts:

There is a wide variety of Anti-Vibration mounts, including Cylindrical Mounts (A, B, C, D, E), Shear and Compression Mount (AD), Angle Mount (AMV), Hexagonal Mount (AH), Low Frequency Mount (O), Concave Buffers (DS, ES), Cylindrical Buffers (DD, ED), Parabolic Buffers (DP, EP), Clamp Mount (CP), Buffers (DM), Rectangular Buffers (DM), Cylindrical Mounts (KP), Compactor Mount (KBR), Machinery Mount (KPR), Cast Foot (KF), Marine Mount (KMR), Flower Pot Mount (KPF), Shock Mount (KPS), Flange Mount (SCM), Mounts (KMC), Flange Pedestal Mount (KPM), Shear Mount (U), Sandwich Mount (SM), Anchor Mat – Anti-vibration Mat, Versatile Rail Mounts (GBS, GBR), Universal Mount (KPUM), Pedestal Mount (KPN), Flexible Locator Mount (TH), Centre Bonded Mount (TB), Fully Bonded Bush (KPCB), Semi Bonded Bush (KPSB), and Foot Mounts (FMG, FMR, FMB, FMSS, FM).

What is an Anti-Vibration Mount?

To find out more about our Cylindrical Mounts, download our Anti-Vibration Mount Brochure or visit our Anti-Vibration Mounts product page.

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