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Celebrating Success: Highlights from the Annual Sales Meeting

Trust the Process

The Annual Sales Meeting held on Thursday, November 16th, at The Grand Hotel in Birmingham was a resounding success, bringing together talented teams from across the region to celebrate achievements, share insights, and foster a collaborative spirit. Among the many highlights of the event were the announcements of the top-performing regions and the recognition of outstanding processes. Regional Winners: 1st […]

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Christmas Competition 2023

Barnwell Santa

“Find the Santa, Win a Hamper! Embark on a festive adventure with M Barnwell Services for a chance to win an exquisite Fortnum & Mason Classic Christmas Hamper. Starting 20 November, 2023, 12 Santas will be cleverly concealed within the pages of M Barnwell Services’ website. Claim the prize hamper by uncovering all 12 Santas and forwarding their locations (page […]

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What is a BSE/TSE Certificate

Detectomer® Quad Rings

TSE Certificates (Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy) come packaged with products that could potentially have TSE risk, such as BSA (Bovine Serum Albumin). Still, some people don’t know what the certificate means or why it is so important. If you’re shopping for bovine-derived reagents for your research, you’ve probably come across a mention of being ”TSE Compliant” quite a few times but wondered what […]

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EnDura O Rings


EnDura® Range Perfect For Extreme Conditions M Barnwell Services are one of the UK’s leading stockist and distributor of the EnDura® range. The unique configuration of the EnDura® range makes it particularly suitable for extreme temperature conditions, which could be highly beneficial for industries like Oil & Gas, where the equipment often operates in challenging environments. Seals made from the […]

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What is a Nominal Size?

Nominal Size O Rings

Understanding Nominal Seals and Gaskets In manufacturing, a nominal size is primarily for identification rather than reflecting exact product dimensions, often corresponding to standardised measurements and tolerances within the product’s domain. These nominal sizes can either be widely standardised across an industry or unique to a particular manufacturer. To apply nominal sizes effectively, one must understand the sizing systems in […]

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How to successfully install Inflatable Seals?

How To Successfuly Install Inflatable Seals.

To ensure that the Inflatable Seals work at their optimum capacity, it is important to know the correct installation. Incorrect installation can cause premature failure. STEP 1: Prior to installation of the seal all housings should be checked to ensure they are free from dirt and grit. Any sharp surfaces should be smoothed and any burs removed to prevent damage […]

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Astra Seal Fitting Guide

Step 2 Alernative Method With arrows

An important part to making sure the Astra Seal® works at its best capacity, is to make sure the installation of the seal is done correctly. Anyhow, errors happen during installation of the seal, which leads to failure, no matter what the quality of the seal was in the first place. Lubrication It is recommended that lubrication is used when […]

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Is There A FFKM Shortage?

Chemical Resistant Seals

FFKM Shortage – Perfluoroelastomer and Other FFKMs in High Demand An Industry Overview The production of FFKM elastomers is a highly complex process that necessitates the use of meticulously selected ingredients. Even the disruption of a single ingredient due to supply chain issues can hinder the production of FFKM elastomers. Unfortunately, the industry is currently experiencing a shortage of several […]

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Vintage Seals for a BPH 106H Swift bus

M Barnwell Services supplies vintage seals for the restoration of a BPH 106H Swift Bus. M Barnwell Services, the UK’s largest independent manufacturer, stockist, and distributor of O Rings and Back-Up Rings, are proud to offer vintage Pneumatic seals for the restoration of a BPH 106H Swift Bus. With our ability to provide bespoke Pneumatic Seals, M Barnwell’s sales team was […]

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How to use an O Ring Tester

What is the purpose of an O Ring Tester? The O Ring Tester is a device used to approximately advise the shore hardness of  Viton™ (or FKM/FPM), Kalrez® or other Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM), Nitrile (NBR) or Ethylene Propylene (EPDM). It indicates the material composition of 100, 200, 300 and 400 series O-rings of 60 to 80 Durometer. Furthermore, O Ring Testers also: […]

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