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Celebrating Success: Highlights from the Annual Sales Meeting

The Annual Sales Meeting held on Thursday, November 16th, at The Grand Hotel in Birmingham was a resounding success, bringing together talented teams from across the region to celebrate achievements, share insights, and foster a collaborative spirit. Among the many highlights of the event were the announcements of the top-performing regions and the recognition of outstanding processes.

Regional Winners:

1st Place: Scotland

Scotland at the Annual Sales Meeting
Left – Eddie Crawford, Scotland Regional Manager.
Middle – Darren Barnwell, M Barnwell Services’ Director.
Right – Elizabeth Roberts, Scotland Sale Engineer.

The spirited team from Scotland claimed the coveted first-place position, showcasing their dedication, hard work, and exemplary performance throughout the year.

Eddie Crawford, Scotland’s Regional Sales Manager, concluded: “It’s a testament to our teamwork, dedication, and the belief that together, we can achieve anything. This acknowledgment isn’t just ours; it belongs to every member who contributed to our success.”

2nd Place: Manchester

Manchester at the Annual Sales Meeting
Left – Darren Barnwell, M Barnwell Services’ Director.
Right – Phil Hall, Manchester Regional Sales Manager.

Securing the second spot, the dynamic team from Manchester demonstrated their exceptional skills and determination, proving that their consistent efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Phil Hall, Manchester Regional / Group Sales Manager, said: “Securing the second spot is a proud moment for us. It’s a reflection of our collective effort, resilience, and the passion we bring to our work every day. This achievement fuels our determination to reach new heights in the upcoming year.”

Special Prize for Outstanding Process: Export

Export at the Annual Sales Meeting
Left – Luke Epstein, Export Sales Co-Ordinator.
Middle – Darren Barnwell, M Barnwell Services’ Director.
Right – Dave Wilcox, Export Office Manager.

In addition to recognising regional performance, the Annual Sales Meeting highlighted the importance of outstanding processes within the organisation. The Special Prize for Outstanding Process was awarded to the Export team, acknowledging their innovative and efficient approach that significantly contributed to the overall success of the company.

Dave Wilcox, Export Office Manager, stated: “Receiving the Special Prize for Outstanding Process is a validation of our commitment to innovation. We believe in constantly challenging the status quo and finding better ways to do things. This award motivates us to keep pushing boundaries and raising the bar.”

The Export department of M Barnwell Services delivers fluid sealing products to more than 60 countries worldwide, ensuring swift and dependable service.

As a valued Export customer, anticipate:

  • Extensive stocks available in the UK.
  • Comprehensive manufacturer guarantees.
  • Complete documentation service.
  • Expert technical advice and sample assistance.
  • Global courier services for seamless delivery.

Looking Ahead

Overall, the Annual Sales Meeting at The Grand Hotel was a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence and the outstanding contributions of its regional teams. Congratulations to Scotland and Manchester for their well-deserved victories and a special acknowledgment to the Export team for their innovative processes.

Steve Barnwell, M Barnwell Services’ Director, summarised everyone’s thoughts about the 2023 Annual Sales Meeting: “The Annual Sales Meeting was about celebrating the journey, learning from each other, and embracing the challenges that make us stronger. It’s a reminder that success is a collective effort, and together, we’re an unstoppable force.

We remain the UK’s largest independent distributor and stockist of fluid sealing products and hope to create more business opportunities in 2024.”