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How Are O Rings Manufactured?

How Are O Rings Manufactured

M Barnwell Services explains How Are O Rings Manufactured? Please find below our step-by-step guide on how O Rings are manufactured.   STEP 1: O Rings Moulding The first step in the O Ring manufacturing process is selecting the correct tools for moulding. The correct tools are dependent on the size of the O Ring that is being manufactured. Smaller […]

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Nitrile O Rings for Horse Bridals

M Barnwell Services supplies Nitrile O Rings for the manufacture of a horse bridal M Barnwell Services, the UK’s largest independent manufacturer, stockist, and distributor of O Rings and Back-Up Rings, are proud to provide Nitrile O Rings to the equine industry for their use in head equipment. Nitrile‘s great tensile strength and its excellent resistance to oil, air, and […]

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Exhibitions & Trade Shows

Fluid Sealing Products & Services Exhibitions List

Fluid Sealing Products & Services Trade Shows M Barnwell Services will be attending the following fluid sealing trade shows. Click on each one for more information. February 2023 Name: International Conference on Industrial Engineering, Financial Management and Financial Planning Date: 15th – 16th February 2023 Industry: Engineering Location: London, UK Website: International Conference on Industrial Engineering, Financial Management and Financial Planning […]

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RRS Sir David Attenborough Hygienic Seals


M Barnwell Services Hygienic Seals used on RRS Sir David Attenborough Antarctic Voyage M Barnwell Services, the UK’s leading distributor, manufacturer, and stockist of fluid sealing products are proud to provide the RRS Sir David Attenborough with Hygienic Seals for their Science Sea Trial in Antarctica. The RRS Sir David Attenborough is one of the most sophisticated polar research ships in […]

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Compression Set

Compression set

What is a compression set? In a nutshell, the compression set of a material is the permanent deformation remaining after the removal of a force that was applied to it. ‘Set’ is a term that is used to characterise something that had been deformed by a force and when released does not fully return to its original shape, it has […]

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Benefits of Kitting, Assembly and Sub-Assembly

What benefits can Kitting, Assembly & Sub-Assembly bring to your business? The manufacturing processes of Kitting, Assembly & Sub-Assembly are quite similar and very beneficial to successful supply chain management solutions. We provide this service due to our buying power and a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs. With over 50 years of experience in fluid sealing, our team of […]

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Merry Christmas 2022

M Barnwell Services would like to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! OUR CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR OPENING TIMES Monday 19th December 2022 – OPEN Tuesday 20th December 2022 – OPEN Wednesday 21st December 2022 – OPEN Thursday 22nd December 2022 – OPEN Friday 23rd December 2022 – CLOSED Monday 26th December 2022 – CLOSED Tuesday 27th December 2022 – CLOSED Wednesday 28th December 2022 – OPEN […]

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Sanitary Sealing Solutions for Sterilization Processes (UV, CIP and SIP)

coloured o rings

Withstanding severe cleaning regimes… The Food and Beverage industries are progressively pressured by clients requesting a cutback in chemical additions and preservatives, which results in a larger chance of bacteria build up on sanitary equipment. Standard sterilization systems used by food and beverage manufacturers contain steam-in-place (SIP) and clean-in-place (CIP). Yet, a progressively adjusted and safety-conscious market has seen ever […]

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M Barnwell Services World Cup Chart

World Cup Wall Chart

Celebrate the World Cup with M Barnwell Services! At M Barnwell Services we have created a World Cup Wall Chart so you can follow the tournament along with us! Download your free Wall Chart here.

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Oil & Gas Industry Acronyms

Oil & Gas Acronym

The Complete Guide To Oil & Gas Industry Acronyms Learning a new language is not easy, and there is unfortunately no quick fix for learning Oil and Gas acronyms. On some occasions, use of these abbreviations often form part of a wider discussions when finding fluid sealing solutions. Improper use of acronyms can be confusing at best and embarrassing at […]

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