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Semiconductor Seals and Services

M Barnwell Services offers an extensive range of Semiconductor Seals that can operate in deposition, etch, ash/strip, plasma, wet chemical and thermal processes. These products can be used within the semiconductor and related manufacturing industries:

  • Logic and memory
  • MEMS
  • Power Devices
  • Solar cells (crystalline, multi-crystalline, concentrator)
  • Flat panel display (LED / OLED)
  • Optoelectronics

Semiconductor Seals

Semiconductor O Rings

Fully moulded Imperial and Metric O Rings can be manufactured from micro-miniature and to any quantity. Custom non-standard sizes are also available.

You can find more information on our range of O Rings here or for specific compounds: FFKM O Rings, FKM O Rings (Viton), NBR O Rings (Nitrile).

Semiconductor O Rings

Centering Rings / Flange Fittings

Aluminium or stainless steel centering rings can be combined with any M Barnwell Services elastomer material and are available in various sizes from the NW, KF and ISO standard ranges.

Semiconductor Seals

Slit Valve Doors

We offer a range of materials and profiles that maximize sealing integrity and life expectancy for bonded and non-bonded slit valve doors and MONOVAT® gates.

Semiconductor Slit valve doors

Special Rubber Mouldings and Extrusions

Semiconductor Seals can be designed and manufactured to customer-specific requirements, moulded in almost infinite shapes, sizes, and profile. For more information on our Special Rubber Mouldings and Extrusions click here

semiconductor seals rubber

Lip Seals

Lip seals can be used to provide sealing of wider gaps requiring large amounts of deflection where limited contact force is available.

semiconductor lip seal

End-effector Pads / Wafer Handling Components

End effector pads provide low contact force and electrostatically dissipative solutions for wafer handling applications. Our range of materials offers both low and high coefficients of friction to allow tailoring of wafer retention force. Custom designs of end effector pads can also be manufactured.

Semiconductor wafer handling components

We work alongside the industries best so that there is a continuous development program that provides elastomers that not only keep pace with the current needs of the industry but also looks to future requirements. The advantages of using M Barnwell Services Semiconductor elastomer materials include:

  • Extended tool Preventative
  • Maintenance (PM) cycles
  • Reduced process defects
  • Lower particle generation
  • Increased tool efficiency
  • Reduced cost of ownership

Extreme Seals

Extreme Seals

Wear specific temperatures are required we can provide an industry-leading range of Extreme Seals.

We can also provide onsite consultation, sample identification and technical support for your requirements.

For information about the range of Semiconductor Material Grades click here.

Visit the Semiconductor Manufacturing Process page for an overview of Plasma, Thermal and Wet Processes.

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