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Inflatable Seals

UK Manufactured Inflatable Seals

M Barnwell Services provides Inflatable Seals that are suitable in all markets and are ideal for composite tooling, movement control, sealing and leak testing.

These custom made seals are manufactured in the UK from a diverse range of materials including Silicone (VMQ), low out-gassing Viton™ (FKM), and Ethylene Propylene EPDM. For the Pharmaceutical and Food industries will also supply a range of specialist Inflatable Seals in FDA approved compounds.


Why choose an M Barnwell Services Inflatable Seal:

  • Vulcanised with parent material ensuring the best join available
  • Our manufacturer partners highly experienced Engineering and Production team are able to assist with developing the best solution to meet your application
  • Reduce costs and downtime with the patented membrane technology
  • All seals are extruded in-house which ensures full dimension control
  • Wide range of high-quality Western sourced materials
  • Compressor and pressure control devises are also available

M Barnwell Services takes a proactive approach to develop specific solutions for all customers. As the UK’s leading independent manufacturer, stockist and distributor of fluid sealing products we have built a reputation as the industry specialist. Available to consult onsite we can offer low to high to extreme volumes and have become the go-to supplier for highly detailed and complex profiles.

The range of Inflatable rubber seals is the ideal choice for applications where you require a powerful, clean seal to protect from dust, moisture, and contamination. When positioned each profile will expand when inflated. All these seals are pressure tested to 1 bar to ensure compatibility with a variety of applications.

Inflatable Seal Installation

Inflatable seals offer versatile installation possibilities across a diverse array of environments, whether it involves radically out, radically in, or axially:

Typical Inflatable Seal Design

When to use an Inflatable Seal?

When this seal inflates, it moulds into position creating the perfect gasket and in most cases outperforms a standard fixed seal. The Inflatable Seal is ideal for applications where you require protection from powders, gasses, liquids and granules or where the gap being sealed is not standard. You can use an Inflatable Seal in the following applications:

  • Procedures exist which are under hygiene control, for example in food production
  • Assembly and deconstruction needs to be done quickly and easily
  • The gap which they are being used to seal might vary

Applications by Industry


  • Sit down bathtubs.
  • Airtight doors.
  • Steriliser doors.
  • Side gate valves and butterfly valves.



  • Pool gates.
  • Airtight and watertight doors.
  • Personnel airlock and escape lock doors.

Aerospace and Defence:

  • Jet engine test cell doors.


  • Load lock seals.
  • Circuit board imaging.
  • Thermal processing.

Industrial Processing:

  • Hopper to transfer carts.
  • Bulk bag filling equipment.
  • Drum filling equipment.
  • Slide gate valves and butterfly valves.
  • Mixers.
  • Rotary valve ports.
  • Maintenance/shutdown seals.
  • Coveyorstop/brakes.
  • Clamps, grips, and actuators.

Food and Beverage:


  • Hatch covers.
  • Sliding hatches.
  • Deck elevators.
  • Watertight doors and patio doors.

Ordering your Inflatable Seal

We understand that not every seal or application is the same and sometimes the ‘standard’ will not do the job. On these occasions we offer a custom made sealing solution. Made to your specifications these seals are manufactured from either samples or the drawings that you provide.

To help when ordering your custom Inflatable Seal, simply download M Barnwell Service’s Inflatable Seal Application Data Sheet and get in contact with a member of the team. We may also require the following:

  • An existing sample to reverse engineer
  • A technical drawing
  • A 3D drawing of the seal showing radius corners
  • Valve Type
  • Information regarding the inflation direction

E & OE.  M Barnwell Services endeavour to make sure that all content is correct. The information has been gathered from manufacturing partners. Click here to view our Inflatable Seal Installation guide.