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Benefits of Kitting, Assembly and Sub-Assembly

What benefits can Kitting, Assembly & Sub-Assembly bring to your business?

The manufacturing processes of Kitting, Assembly & Sub-Assembly are quite similar and very beneficial to successful supply chain management solutions. We provide this service due to our buying power and a thorough understanding of our customers’ needs. With over 50 years of experience in fluid sealing, our team of experts can take the burden of kitting, assembly, and sub-assembly off your shoulders and provide you with exactly what you require based on your precise specifications.


A ‘product grouping’, it’s a service that integrates individual different but related items into a durable, compact box or a bag ready for an emergency or routine maintenance. Until assembled by the end-user, the individual components in kits frequently stay separate. Specified kits or boxes enhance your stock without sustaining further warehousing expenses. Kitting is a great technique to be able to sell more of the items on the market due to the fact that you are able to sell items as bundles rather than individually. Kitting can vary from a comparatively simple to a highly complex with numerous components ready for assembly.


  • One comprehensive pack of items minimises your BOM (bill of materials)
  • All parts boxed and labelled according to your brand guidelines save time and money
  • Purchasing process made fully flexible
  • The number of vendors minimised
  • Reduced warehousing requirements – easier to track inventory levels, take up less space, and cheaper shipping costs as it’s considered as one item
  • Enhances manufacturing process and consequently reduces material handling and processing times


Two or more items are combined together to create a sole part and packaged as a single end product ready to integrate into the manufacturing process. As a result, it allows customers to reduce their time and bill of materials (BOM) as they only purchase one complete component.


  • One complete component – reduces your BOM (bill of materials)
  • Allows the customer to focus on their core activities
  • Improves quality of products thus benefiting from dedicated expertise and technology
  • Allows a customer to customise products
  • Ensures that the product is produced with the same process and specifications
  • Greater capacity and flexibility to meet the increases in demand
  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Faster delivery of the better product to the market
  • Reduced costs – no need for the assembly line, storage space, or distribution facilities


Partially assembled components that will be fitted into a larger assembly or assortment of products. It reduces the time and resources required to undertake this task at a production line, consequently enabling customers to focus on their core activities.


  • Bill of materials cost reduced due to being able to buy one complete part
  • Having the parts built to your precise specification subsequently eliminates the need for any secondary processes
  • The ability to select and fit the complete component saves labour and time on assembly
  • The final assembly process improved due to having ready assembled parts for inclusion in the manufacturing process
  • Lower equipment cost therefore no need to invest in the equipment to produce the subparts
  • Improved manufacture time allows the customer to manufacture more products in a quicker period of time
  • Scalability – ability to meet demand at peak times

To conclude, the benefits of Kitting, Assembly & Sub-Assembly are:

  • Reduced costs
  • Saves time and labour on assembly
  • Lower equipment costs
  • Scalability
  • Full ISO-certified kitting and assembly
  • Reduced storage space and production space
  • Easy stock handling and ordering
  • Products packaged in dedicated work areas
  • Lower supplier count with consolidated sourcing

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