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ISO3601-2: Housing dimensions for general applications ISO3601-2 defines the gland (housing) dimensions for class A O Rings for standard industrial installations compliant to ISO3601-1, also for gland (housing) dimensions for class B O Rings used in preferred metric-sized hardware such as piston rods. Above mentioned O Rings are used in standard pneumatic and hydraulic installations with or without back-up rings […]

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ISO3601-1: Inside diameters, cross-sections, tolerances and designation codes ISO3601-1 specialises in the inside diameters, cross-sections, tolerances and designation codes for O Rings used in fluid power systems for aerospace and standard industrial installations. Inside diameters, Cross-sections & Tolerances Tolerances and dimensions defined are adequate for any rubber material if the right tooling is obtainable. In this part of ISO3601, the […]

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ISO3601 Overview

ISO3601 Overview – ISO3601-1, ISO3601-2, ISO3601-3, ISO3601-4 and ISO3601-5 ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) is a global federation of national regulations bodies. ISO3601 is a standard. ISO3601 – Fluid Power Systems – O Rings The Fluid Power Systems, power is remitted and directed via a fluid (gas or liquid) under stress inside a closed circle. To avert leakage or […]

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NORSOK M-710 – Qualification of non-metallic sealing materials and manufactures NORSOK M-710 (Norsk Sokkels Konkuranseposisjon) are standards developed by the Norwegian Technology Centre. What is NORSOK M-710? NORSOK M-710 is a globally accepted standard implemented by the Norwegian Petroleum Industry. It defines the qualification demands of polymer (non-metallic) sealing materials and manufactures. It has started with mostly European and Norwegian […]

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ISO 10423 (API 6A)

ISO 10423 (API 6A) – International Standard for Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) is a global federation of national standard bodies. International Standards are set by ISO technical committees that concentrate on and express a specific area of profession. API (American Petroleum Institute) is a trade association that presents all angles of America’s oil […]

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