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Anti Vibration Mounts

Tailored Anti Vibration Mounts to Suit You

For over 50 years, M Barnwell Services has specialised in producing and supplying Anti Vibration Mounts and Rubber Engineering Components. With one of the UK’s most extensive ranges of anti-vibration mounts, we offer competitive prices and next-day delivery options. Whether you need standard AV mounts, custom designs, or cost-saving solutions, we can provide fast and efficient answers.

Our proficient team manages the entire production process, from prototyping and testing to final part manufacturing. Additionally, we offer specialised certification upon request.

If you would like more information about our range, download our catalogue, or contact a team member.

Anti Vibration Mounts

Anti Vibration Mounts Overview

Anti Vibration Mounts, also known as Rubber Mounts, are rubber components applied in industrial machinery and vehicles to diminish transmitted vibrations. Mainly crafted from natural rubber for superior vibration reduction, synthetic materials are also available for oil, fuel, and environmental resistance.

Using appropriately chosen mounts, a minimum of 70% vibration reduction is typically attainable. In specific cases, certain products and applications can achieve over 90% reduction.

Our standard AV Mount range includes Machine Mounts/Feet, Cylindrical Bobbins, Failsafe Mounts, Rubber Buffers, Marine Engine Mounts, and other rubber-to-metal bonded solutions. We also create custom AV Mounts and rubber components based on your needs.

Why Choose an Anti Vibration Mount?

  • Effective Shock Absorption: Anti-vibration mounts absorb shocks and vibrations, preventing them from transferring to the surrounding environment or equipment.
  • Enhanced Equipment Lifespan: By reducing the impact of vibrations, these mounts help extend the lifespan of machinery and equipment by minimising wear and tear.
  • Protection of Surrounding Structures: Anti-vibration mounts prevent excessive vibrations from damaging nearby structures or sensitive equipment.
  • Improved Operator Comfort: Mounts reduce the level of vibrations felt by operators, enhancing comfort and reducing fatigue.
  • Noise Reduction: These mounts also help in reducing noise generated by equipment vibrations, creating a quieter working environment.
  • Increased Performance: Machinery that operates with reduced vibrations can often perform more accurately and efficiently.
  • Maintenance Cost Savings: Reduced vibration levels lead to less wear on components, resulting in lower maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Stability and Safety: Mounts improve the stability of equipment, reducing the risk of equipment tipping over or becoming unbalanced.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Many industries have regulations or standards in place to limit vibrations, and using anti-vibration mounts helps ensure compliance.

Applications By Industry:

  • Automotive
    – Applied in vehicles to minimise vibrations from engines, suspensions, and transmissions, enhancing passenger comfort and reducing wear.
  • Aerospace and Defence
    – Utilised in aircraft engines and components to reduce vibrations that can affect performance and structural integrity. Also installed in aircraft landing gear to dampen vibrations during takeoff, landing, and turbulence.
  • Construction
    – Employed in construction equipment like excavators, loaders, and compactors to prevent vibrations from impacting operator comfort and equipment longevity. Also applied in concrete pumps to minimise vibrations that could affect the stability of the equipment and surrounding structures.
  • Industrial Machinery
    – Used in heavy machinery such as presses, lathes, and mills to reduce vibrations that can affect precision and durability. More specifically, mounted under CNC machines to reduce vibrations during high-speed operations and maintain accuracy.
  • Marine
    – Installed in ships and vessels to mitigate vibrations caused by engines and wave impact, enhancing structural integrity. Also used in ship engine rooms to isolate vibrations from engines and generators, reducing noise and enhancing crew comfort.

Popular Anti-Vibration Mounts include:

Cylindrical Mounts, AMV Angle Mounts, AH Hexagonal Mount, Type AD Shear Compression Mount, Type Low Frequency Mount, DS & ES Concave Buffers, DD & ED Parabolic Buffers, DP Parabolic Buffers, EP Parabolic Buffers, CP Clamp Mount, DM-Type Buffers, DM Rectangular Buffers, KP Cylindrical Mounts, KBR Compactor Mounts, KPR Machinery Mounts, Rubber Element Vaned Mounts (Datasheet), KF Cast Foot Mounts, Heavy-Duty KMR Marine Engine Mount (Datasheet), KMR Marine Mounts, KFP Flower Pot Mounts, KPS Shock Mounts, SCM Flange Mounts, KMC Mounts, KMC Cast Cone Mount, KMC Cab Mount, KMC Flange Cone Bush, KPM Flange Pedestal Mount, U Shear Mount, SM Sandwich Mount, Anchor Mat, GBS & GBR Versatile Rail Mounts, KPUM Universal Mount, KPN Pedestal Mount, TH Flexible Locator Mount, TB Centre Bonded Mount, KPCB Fully Bonded Bush, KPSB Semi-Bonded Bush, Machinery Foot Mounts.

For more about our AV Mounts range, check our AV Mountings catalogue or contact a member of the team.

E & OE.  M Barnwell Services endeavours to make sure that all content is correct. The information has been gathered from manufacturing partners.


Sizes dependant on design.

Standard range as per our catalogue.


Natural Rubber (as standard), Nitrile (NBR), Chloroprene (CR), FKM, VMQ (Silicone), Polyurethane (AU)

45 Shore and 60 Shore are standards, with other hardnesses available on request.


Cylindrical Mounts (A, B, C, D, E), Shear and Compression Mount (AD), Angle Mount (AMV), Hexagonal Mount (AH), Low Frequency Mount (O). Concave Buffers(DS, ES), Cylindrical Buffers (DD, ED), Parabolic Buffers (DP, EP), Clamp Mount (CP), Buffers (DM), Rectangular Buffers (DM), Cylindrical Mounts (KP), Compactor Mount (KBR), Machinery Mount (KPR), Cast Foot (KF), Marine Mount (KMR), Flower Pot Mount (KPF), Shock Mount (KPS), Flange Mount (SCM), Mounts (KMC), Flange Pedestal Mount (KPM), Shear Mount (U), Sandwich Mount (SM), Anchor Mat - Anti-vibration Mat, Versatile Rail Mounts (GBS, GBR), Universal Mount (KPUM), Pedestal Mount (KPN), Flexible Locator Mount (TH), Centre Bonded Mount (TB), Fully Bonded Bush (KPCB), Semi Bonded Bush (KPSB), Foot Mounts (FMG, FMR, FMB, FMSS, FM)