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HOS Reciprocating Compressors

‘’High-Pressure Safety Improved - No gas leaks for six months’’

the challenge

Four 6-cylinder and two 4-cylinder HOS (Heavy Oilfield Separable) reciprocating compressors situated on 3 Offshore Platforms were experiencing failure. The compressors were functioning at the temperature of +150°C (302°F), the stress of 200 bar with decompression to 12 bar in 1 minute. Due to gas leaks, they encountered a failure of OEM obtained seals. HSE was notified of each gas leak and due to safety concerns, any subsequent events would cause all three platforms to close.

the solution

High-performance MBMS0269 L Seals and O Rings were provided with PTFE Back-up Rings in order to ensure superior levels of ED resistance.

the result

The compressors functioned in the field continually for six months, satisfying and impressing HSE. They’ve decided to share this case with all North Sea platforms as a suggestion for improvement.