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Sanitary Mixers

"Compatibility in chemical and mechanical requirements of the application"

the challenge

A company specialising in industrial and sanitary mixers for liquids - selection, design, and construction; was facing challenges with the complexity of maintenance and replacement of their sanitary mixer sealing system components.

Due to lack of established standards for sizing mixers for different applications, each manufacturer offers its own solution based solely on experience. To obtain the mixing target with the lowest possible consumption, the philosophy behind the selection is to create the simplest, inexpensive device, aiming at the most efficient transfer of the energy provided by the drive in the liquid. The need for flexibility and competitive production costs frequently conflicts with the reliability and performance of mixer sealing systems. Packings are not able to withstand the increasingly demanding process conditions, on the other hand, mechanical seals are too complex and costly. Furthermore, numerous applications are high temperature and dry running.

the solution

The solution was reached by thorough collaboration and discussion with the engineering team. The customer decided to replace the mechanical seals with Garlock PS-SEAL®, which was our proposed solution to the issues they were experiencing. They made a decision to utilise PS-SEAL® in all top entry mixers.

the result

Garlock PS-SEAL® supports the demanded level of compliance to industry standards and prospects, the modified PTFE construction offers conformity to both the chemical and mechanical needs of the application. Furthermore, the customer achieved a simplified design without the need for the installation of a lubricating system even in high-temperature assemblies.