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Extreme O Rings

"Barnwell's extreme O Ring Range provides us with longer lasting O Rings and reduced service costs"

the challenge

To provide an Ultra High pressure, Low temperature seal that will have a life expectancy of 40 years.

the solution

Our research into the application concluded that the field conditions included a combination of aggressive control fluid, potential 20% CO2, 10,000psi pressure and an operating temperature range of +155°C (+311°F) down to -40°C (-40°F) due to system blow down and the risk of the adiabatic effect taking place.

M Barnwell Services MBMS0493 FFKM in the form of a Spring Energised Seal was the recommended solution. The material was tested to API 6A (PR2) by the customer and also RGD tested at +155°C (+311°F) with 20% CO2.

the result

The customer benefit of the FFKM Spring Energised Seals is that they will provide long term elastomeric properties for the life of the field, thereby eliminating expensive servicing of the equipment and seal replacement.