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Bio-Pharmaceutical Sanitary Gaskets

"M Barnwell Services' gaskets saved us significant time during each cleaning process cycle"

the challenge

A global biopharmaceutical company specialising in neurology and immunology drug therapies required a sanitary gasket that would not display any sticky behaviour or premature degradation and would be simple to use. Three different sizes of sanitary gasket were needed for the different sizes of buffer/surge tanks used in the process. The gaskets were obligated to possess significant resistance to process temperatures, pressures, and cleaning detergents, all in full compliance with FDA and USP Class VI Standards.

the solution

As renowned experts in this industry, we were given full access to the company’s manufacturing facility. We advised the company on the usage of a specific sanitary gasket for the tri-clamp fittings on their buffer/surge tank lids. Two standard sizes and one customized 10” profile were implemented to deliver a better fit across their various tank sizes.

the result

Our solution provided the company with immediate benefits across a host of areas, such as easier installation, easier dismantling, no degradation, and improved operator safety. Despite our solution meeting all process, performance, and compliance requirements for the company, the key benefit we provided is efficiency, with the company now saving significant time (30 minutes a day) during each cleaning process cycle.