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High-Pressure Fluid Transportation Systems

‘‘M Barnwell Services saved our Development Project!’’

the challenge

The company - A globally known developer of high-stress fluid transportation systems for the Life Sciences industry, based in Japan.

The systems were already manufactured, so design alterations were not possible, combined with an operating pressure which could reach 250 MPa (36,000 psi), a shaft stroke of 102mm at low velocity and a large diameteral clearance gap of 6mm, the application involved challenging sealing parameters. Tests conducted by the OEM using standard USP class VI approved seals had proved unsuccessful.

the solution

Three conjectural designs were supplied. To save time, the OEM had ordered all three conceptual designs. M Barnwell Services provided the USP Class VI compliant PTFE/EPDM designed compounds that were put to the test for noise, flow rates at system stress, and leaks.

the result

All three conceptual designs were successful and functioned very well and were considered adequate by the OEM. This ensured the OEM that their project could proceed as planned.