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Why should you use Food-Grade Silicone?

Silicone compliant with Food Regulations, what are the features?

There are plenty of options when it comes to sealing materials. However, in the food processing industry, it is very important that each element that interacts with the seal is left untouched. Furthermore, despite the fact that silicone is ‘practically’ non-toxic, only a particularly developed food grade silicone is suitable for utilization with eatables.

Why use Food-Grade Silicone?

Silicone is a great rubber material to use if you need an FDA compliant elastomer. Since there is a prominence on elastomers being adequate for regular use in food processing, silicone is a perfect choice. This is because the material is not prone to detrimental microbial factors or other impurities. Food grade seals and gaskets should be capable of operating for long spells of time without being influenced by destructive degradation or contamination.

Why use Food Grade Silicone

Temperature Resistance

Temperature resistance is one of the principal attributes of food-grade silicone. This is particularly crucial in food processing where temperatures can vary from boiling hot to freezing cold. Food grade silicone can generally function in temperatures varying between -60°C and +250°C (special grades up to +300°C). In hot temperatures, the food grade silicone keeps its shape and integrity without undergoing any heat-related deformation. In cold temperatures, however, food grade rubber stays very elastic.

Food Processing Industry

The food processing industry can be physically difficult and very demanding. The materials used in those installations have to be strong, persistent, elastic and responsive. Food grade elastomer is frequently used as gaskets and seals in environments that demand advanced elasticity. Silicone makes superb FDA-compliant seals and other diverse kinds of food grade elastomers due to its squeeze set and a remarkable degree of elasticity and stretch. A low squeeze set indicated that the food grade elastomer is much better capable to recover after the tangible stress is implemented to it. Both elasticity and stretch are essential for activities that entail food boxes as the food grade elastomer must be adequately elastic to cover the dimensional demands of diverse kinds of containers.

Food grade silicone sealing material is supplied in many thicknesses and durometers.  It can be used in installations other than just seals, they include gaskets, tubing, and extrusions. M Barnwell Services can supply any size and shape seal to match your application requirements.

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