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PS-SEAL® Non-Standard lip materials

Garlock PS-SEAL® Non-Standard lip materials for dynamic applications

For a number of years, Garlock’s Fluoroelastomer (FKM/FPM) PS-SEAL® Standard with a GYLON® Black lip is known for its industry-leading reliability when sealing critical applications. However, when the sealing requirement requires an alternative solution to an FKM, Garlock also created the PS-SEAL® Non-Standard.

Generally, the Garlock PS-SEAL® Non-Standard seal can be easily adapted when the application features the following conditions/challenges:

  • For temperatures of +200°C and higher, which FKM/FPM cannot resist
  • In use as a seal facing corrosive substances
  • Food compliance requirements – FDA or EC regulation 1935/2004
  • In an installation with dry running

If you are unsure about which seal you require for your application our experienced team guide you through the process. Contact them today.

Garlock PS-SEAL® Materials Overview

GYLON® Black

PS-SEAL® Non-Standard

Pros: A remarkable PTFE/graphite-based material that is very convenient for lubricated installations.

Cons: Not appropriate for Food and Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries and not adequate for dry running.

GYLON® White

PS-SEAL® Non-Standard

Pros: Very popular material in the Food and Beverage and Pharmaceutical installations due to its white colour (it complies with the most important food and pharma standards including EC1935/2004, FDA, USP Class VI). It is also very popular in the production of paints and dyes. Furthermore, PTFE /barium sulfate-based lip provides excellent gas tightness.

Cons: Suitable for dry running but only if the circumferential speed is low because of the friction temperature rising quickly.


PS-SEAL® Non-Standard

Pros: Most suitable solution for Food and Beverage and Pharmaceutical installations due to complying with all important standards – EC1935/2004, FDA, USP Class VI. Perfect for greater shaft deflection on agitators and mixers. Provides excellent gas tightness, also it is great in dry running.

Cons: PTFE/microspheres material may be a problem with abrasive media.

GYLON® Brown-White

PS-SEAL® Non-Standard

Pros: In the food industry’s abrasive installations, it is a very sensibly combined material. The white side of the lip consists of heat-dissipating additives and the brown side of the lip consists of additives that are abrasion-resistant. These factors improve the operating process and provide prolonged running hours with a smaller amount of down-time. This material conforms to FDA and EC1935/2004.

Material F Beige

Pros: Based on PTFE Ekonol. Designed for dry running, and low friction heat can be achieved at high speeds. It is precisely suited for the food industry’s SIP and CIP processes. Optimal gas tightness in vacuum installations.

Cons: Demands exact shaft concentricity to make the most of its advantages.

Material MS Grey

Material MS Grey

Pros: This material was compounded with the hardest glass that is great with abrasive media even without the GYLON® matrix. Great for dry running in the abrasive dust and powders environment and promotes low wear with high-pressure resistance. It is frequently incorporated with other lip materials in order to maximise its performance with gases or low-viscosity media.

If the range of PS-SEAL® Non-Standard cannot offer the optimal functionality that the application requires, further variants are available with PS-SEAL® Special.

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