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Type AD Shear Compression Mount

Our AD Shear Compression Mounts – Your Vibration Solution.

A Type AD Shear Compression Mount is a specific type of mount used for isolating and dampening vibrations in machinery and equipment. This mount is designed to provide both shear and compression load capabilities, making it versatile for various applications.


In practical terms, a Type AD Shear Compression Mount might be used in situations where machinery or equipment experiences both horizontal and vertical movements or forces. The design allows the mount to effectively isolate vibrations and shocks, contributing to the overall stability and performance of the system.


Max compression and shear load in kilograms (kg)

Part NumberBolt Size45 ShA60 ShA
ØD x HG x L (mm)CompressionShearCompressionShear
AD1008M3M3 X 61.80.452.80.70
AD1010M4M4 X 101.50.362.340.56
AD1214M4M4 X
AD1515M4M4 X
AD2015M4M4 X 10102.515.63.9
AD2018M6M6 X 1892.1143.2
AD2020M6M6 X 1881.912.53
AD2030M6M6 X 1861.592.3
AD2520M6M6 X 18143.4225.3
AD2525M6M6 X 20123194.5
AD3020M8M8 X 20174.2266.5
AD3022M8M8 X 23153.6235.6
AD3025M8M8 X 20133204.7
AD3838M10M10 X 25235.6368.7
AD4030M8M8 X 23266.3409.8
AD4048M8M8 X 2353138220
AD5030M10M10 X 2848127518
AD5545M10M10 X 284210.56516
AD5740M10M10 X 2864169825
AD5745M10M10 X 2858149022
AD6036M10M10 X 30761811828
AD6060M10M10 X 2858149123
AD7053M12M12 X 411062616540
AD8065M14M14 X 351834528570
AD9077M16M16 X 452185334083
AD9575M16M16 X 412405837490
AD13096M16M16 X 4532078499122
AD18075M20M20 X 45486118758184


In effect, our versatile range of mounts finds effective use in various applications, including:

  1. Vibrating Equipment and Compactors: Significantly, these mounts are well-suited for use in vibrating equipment and compactors, where they play a crucial role in minimising vibrations and promoting the stability of the machinery.
  2. Suspension of Electronic Equipment: The mounts are designed to excel in the suspension of electronic equipment, therefore providing effective isolation to safeguard delicate electronic components from disruptive vibrations.
  3. Small Static Electric Motors and Generators: Specifically crafted for small static electric motors and generators, our mounts contribute to smooth operation by absorbing vibrations and enhancing overall stability.

To find out more about our Anti-Vibration Mounts, download our Anti-Vibration Mount Brochure or visit our Anti-Vibration Mounts product page.

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Various Sizes depending on application.


British Imperial (BS1806) and Metric (BS4518). European Metric (ISO 3601), including German (DIN 3771), Swedish (SMS 1586/1588) and French (NFT 47 501). American (SAE, AMS, AS568) Japanese Metric (JISB 2401), SAE J515, and ISO8434-3 (SAE O ring boss hydraulic adaptors).


M Barnwell Services continuously strives to fulfill customer and application needs. In specific industries, meeting industry criteria is vital. Approvals include WRC, WRAS, FDA, DVGW, KTW, BGVV, KIWA, USP Class VI, NSF, ACS, EU2002/72, EN681-1, EN549, 3A Sanitary, NORSOK, NACE TM0297, NACE TM0187, NORSOK M710, TOTAL GS PVV 142, ISO 23936-2, ISO 10423 API 6A, SHELL SPE 85/301, ISIR, and EN682.

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