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ONE-UP® Pump Diaphragms

ONE-UP® Pump Diaphragms – The prime solution for challenging industrial and sanitary applications

M Barnwell Services are proud to provide you with Garlock‘s ONE-UP® Pump Diaphragms range. This one-piece PTFE Gasket provides easy installation and an unrivalled cycle life, even against aggressive critical service applications. These premium diaphragms are highly resistant to chemicals, abrasives, high temperatures and pressure. This ensures a long cycle- life, significantly reducing downtime maintenance and operating costs.

ONE-UP® Pump Diaphragms

GYLON® ONE-UP Pump Diaphragms

GYLON ONE-UP Pump diaphragms are the supreme solution for sanitary applications in air-operated diaphragm pumps. Combining the patented ribbed construction of the standard ONE-UP with an exclusive GYLON PTFE Material and a proprietary EPDM rubber backing. The one-piece design ensures error-free installation, with this FDA-compliant solution possessing permeation and chemical resistance.

Well suited for a wide variety of sanitary applications, such as food, pharmaceutical, and high-purity chemicals. Available in most sizes and pump offerings.

GYLON® ONE-UP Pump DiaphragmsGYLON® ONE-UP Pump Diaphragms

Garlock ONE-UP Pump Diaphragms

Garlock ONE-UP pump diaphragms are engineered with high-performance PTFE on the wetted side for significantly longer life than conventional PTFE diaphragms. ONE UP provides unrivalled chemical and abrasion resistance, that is significantly stronger than competitors offerings. ONE-UP is suitable for use in extreme conditions, such as elevated temperatures and pressures. It is ideal for numerous uses including abrasive slurries and applications with high-solid content, like mining slurry.

Garlock ONE-UP Pump DiaphragmsGarlock-One-Up-Pump-Diaphragm

Operating Temperature Range:

One Up Pump Diaphragm Operating Temperature Range

General Chemical Resistance:

One Up Pump Diaphragm General Chemical Resistance

As Garlock’s UK Strategic Partner we can supply their full range of products from stock. These include GYLON BIO-LOK® gaskets, GYLON BIO-Line® Aseptic Food Grade GasketsCompression PackingGarlock EPIX™ SealPS Seal®PTFE Shaft SealsManway Gaskets, Rubber Expansion JointsKLOZURE® Bearing IsolatorsStress Saver® Gaskets. Every Garlock product we offer comes with leading application engineering support, training and comprehensive testing.

ONE-UP Pump DiaphragmONE-UP Pump Diaphragm, SideONE-UP Pump Diaphragm, SectionONE-UP Pump Diaphragm, Section, Side

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