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KMC Flange Cone Bush

KMC Flange Cone Bush: Mastering Motion, Conquering Vibration

The purposefully designed KMC Flange Cone Bush is engineered for robust vibration damping in mobile applications. This flange bush acts as a shield, safeguarding your equipment from shocks commonly encountered in dynamic environments.

KMC Flange Cone Bush

KMC Flange Cone Bush

Key Features of the KMC Flange Cone Bush:

  • Dedicated Vibration Damping Design:
    – The KMC Flange Bush is meticulously designed with a focus on providing dedicated vibration damping. Subsequently minimising the impact of shocks on your equipment.
    – This design ensures that your equipment remains stable and protected, even in the challenging conditions of mobile applications.
  • Versatile Flange Bush Applications:
    – With a versatile design, the KMC Flange Bush finds applications across a spectrum of scenarios, safeguarding various types of equipment.
    – Its adaptability makes it a reliable choice for different mobile setups, catering to the unique vibration-damping needs of each application.


Discover the diverse applications of the KMC Flange Bush in mobile scenarios:

  1. Motors and Alternators: Ensure the smooth operation of motors and alternators in mobile applications by incorporating the KMC Flange Bush for effective vibration damping.
  2. Tool Compartments on Road Vehicles: Enhance the protection of tools and equipment stored in road vehicle compartments with the KMC Flange Bush. This reduces the impact of shocks during transportation.
  3. Shock Isolators for Delicate Medical Equipment: In mobile medical setups, the KMC Flange Bush acts as a shock isolator. Effectively preventing vibrations from affecting delicate medical equipment.
  4. Packaging Shock Isolators: Use the KMC Flange Bush in packaging applications to provide shock isolation, ensuring that packaged items remain secure and undamaged during transit.
  5. Suspension of Electronic Equipment: Implement the KMC Flange Bush for the suspension of electronic equipment in mobile settings. This contributes to a stable and protected environment.
  6. Engine Test Cell Trolleys: Trolleys used in engine test cells benefit from the KMC Flange Bush, absorbing vibrations and shocks to maintain equipment integrity during testing.

In summary, the KMC Flange Bush is your reliable partner for robust vibration damping in mobile applications. Whether it’s protecting motors, tools, medical equipment, or electronic components, this flange bush ensures that your equipment remains resilient and performs optimally in dynamic and challenging mobile environments.

Technical Data

Part NumberABCDEFGHIType

Max Load in (kg) and Deflection (mm)

Part Number45 ShA60 ShA75 ShA
Max LoadDeflectionMax LoadDeflectionMax LoadDeflection

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