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Grafoil® Gaskets

Grafoil® Gaskets: Unparalleled Sealing Solutions

For more than 50 years, M Barnwell Services has provided Grafoil® Gaskets to top companies worldwide. As one of the UK’s biggest independent fluid seal stockists and distributors, our customers can trust that they’ll receive the right product for their needs.

Our proficient team manages the entire production process, from prototyping and testing to final part manufacturing. Additionally, we offer specialised certification upon request.

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Grafoil® Gaskets

Grafoil® flexible graphite, the pioneering fluid sealing material developed by Graftech Inc., stands as the first material exclusively made from pure, natural graphite flake. Its remarkable resistance to heat, fire, corrosion, and aggressive chemicals positions it as the most universally applicable sealing solution available today.


Why Use Grafoil® Gaskets Materials

GTB: Standard Industrial Grade

Grafoil® homogeneous Standard Industrial Grade flexible graphite sheet, boasting an oxidation/corrosion inhibitor and approximately 98% carbon content. Ideal for flat gaskets, this material exhibits no binders or resins and is non-fibrous and non-asbestos. With a temperature range of -240°C (-400°F) to 455°C (850°F) in oxidising atmospheres, it delivers superior compressibility (43%), recovery (15%), and tensile strength (650 PSI).

GHL: Flexible Graphite Laminate

Grafoil® flexible graphite laminate is composed of material typically containing 98.0% graphite. Leachable chloride is typically less than 50 PPM, and with no binders or resins, it ensures reliability. Featuring excellent compressibility (40%), recovery (20%), and a temperature range of -240°C (-400°F) to 455°C (850°F) in oxidising atmospheres.

GHP: Flexible Graphite Laminate with Polyester Insert

Grafoil® flexible graphite laminate with a polyester insert (0.0005″ thick), composed of material typically 97.0% graphite. Boasting compressibility (40%), recovery (20%), and a temperature range of -240°C (-400°F) to 455°C (850°F) in oxidising atmospheres, it meets diverse sealing needs.

GHR: Flexible Graphite Laminate with Flat 316/316L Stainless Steel Insert

Grafoil® flexible graphite laminate featuring a flat 316/316L stainless steel insert (0.002″ thick), made from material typically 98.0% graphite. It offers impressive compressibility (40%), recovery (20%), and a higher tensile strength of 3800 PSI. The temperature range in oxidising atmospheres spans from -240°C (-400°F) to 455°C (850°F).

GHE: Flexible Graphite Laminate with Tang 316/316L Stainless Steel Insert

Grafoil® flexible graphite laminate with a tang 316/316L stainless steel insert (0.004″ thick), containing material typically 98.0% graphite. It exhibits excellent compressibility (30%), recovery (30%), and a temperature range of -240°C (-400°F) to 455°C (850°F) in oxidising atmospheres.

Applications by Industry

  • Chemical Processing
    – Excel due to their resistance to aggressive chemicals and corrosion. The material’s inert nature makes it an ideal choice for sealing applications involving harsh chemical processes.
  • Oil and Gas
    – Where extreme temperatures and pressure differentials are common, Grafoil® Gaskets shine. Their ability to withstand a wide temperature range and maintain a reliable seal in challenging conditions makes them suitable for various applications.
  • Power Generation
    – Grafoil® Gaskets are utilised in power generation facilities, including nuclear and conventional power plants. Their resistance to high temperatures and radiation, combined with excellent sealing capabilities, makes them suitable for critical components in power systems.
  • Aerospace and Defense
    – chosen for their lightweight properties, flexibility, and ability to maintain a tight seal under extreme conditions., these gaskets contribute to the reliability of components in aircraft and defense systems.
  • Automotive
    – Due to their ability to withstand high temperatures in engines and exhaust systems, the material’s flexibility and resilience contribute to reliable sealing in critical automotive components.
  • Petrochemical
    – Useful where sealing is required in the presence of aggressive chemicals and high temperatures. Their resistance to chemical attack and durability make them well-suited for various petrochemical processes.
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology
    – Where stringent hygiene and purity standards are crucial, Grafoil® Gaskets are needed. Their non-contaminating and non-reactive properties make them ideal for maintaining product integrity.
  • Electronics and Semiconductor Manufacturing
    – Due to their ability to resist contamination and provide a reliable seal in cleanroom environments Grafoil® Gaskets are useful. The high purity levels of Grafoil® contribute to preventing particle contamination.
  • Food and Beverage
    – Grafoil® Gaskets are suitable for the food and beverage industry where sealing requirements must meet stringent hygiene standards. The material’s non-toxic and non-contaminating properties make it a safe choice for applications involving food and beverages.


In conclusion, Grafoil® Gaskets emerge as a paramount sealing solution, offering a remarkable combination of durability, reliability, and adaptability across a spectrum of industries.

Developed with precision, these gaskets exhibit unparalleled resistance to harsh conditions, including heat, fire, corrosion, and aggressive chemicals. Their versatility shines in applications ranging from chemical processing to aerospace, where extreme temperatures, pressure differentials, and hygiene standards demand exceptional sealing performance.

The lightweight and flexible nature of Grafoil® Gaskets, coupled with their ability to maintain a tight seal even under challenging conditions, solidify their position as a critical component in various industrial settings.

As a result, Grafoil® Gaskets stands as a trusted choice, meeting the stringent requirements of diverse sectors and contributing significantly to the efficiency and reliability of critical processes across industries.

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E&OE. M Barnwell Services endeavour to make sure that all content is correct. We have gathered this information from manufacturing partners. (Grafoil® is a trademark of The Chemours Company FC, LLC. M Barnwell Services does not manufacture GrafTech International Ltd products)


Various sizes depending on application.


British Imperial (BS1806) and Metric (BS4518). European Metric (ISO 3601), including German (DIN 3771), Swedish (SMS 1586/1588) and French (NFT 47 501). American (SAE, AMS, AS568) and Japanese Metric (JISB 2401), SAE J515 and ISO8434-3 (SAE O ring boss hydraulic adaptors).


M Barnwell Services continuously strives to fulfill customer and application needs. In specific industries, meeting industry criteria is vital. Approvals include WRC, WRAS, FDA, DVGW, KTW, BGVV, KIWA, USP Class VI, NSF, ACS, EU2002/72, EN681-1, EN549, 3A Sanitary, NORSOK, NACE TM0297, NACE TM0187, NORSOK M710, TOTAL GS PVV 142, ISO 23936-2, ISO 10423 API 6A, SHELL SPE 85/301, ISIR, and EN682.

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