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Product Spot Light – B390 Instant Adhesive

B390 Instant Adhesive – The Two-Part Cyanoacrylate Adhesive

M Barnwell Services provide British Manufactured industrial Sealants and Adhesives for use on specific applications. All products are used in the most demanding applications including Automotive, Agriculture, Marine, Engineering, and Heavy Plant. The B390 Instant Adhesive is a two-part instant adhesive ideal for large gap filling, fast curing, and possesses high strength and excellent clarity.


B390 Instant Adhesive features and benefits include:

  • Complete cure of excess adhesive
  • Ideal for overhead and vertical application
  • Works well on porous substrates
  • Precision control and dispensing
  • Excellent bonding characteristics on a wide range of substrates: – metals – most plastics like PVC, ABS, PC, PBT – rubber – porous /absorbent materials such as wood, paper, cardboard, leather, and fabric
  • Gap fills up to 5mm
  • Non-drip formulation
  • Excellent cosmetic appearance
  • Low bloom formulation
  • Works with a variety of substrates
  • Curing Performance: Under normal conditions, the atmospheric moisture initiates the curing process. Although full functional strength is developed in a relatively short time, curing continues for at least 24 hours before full chemical resistance is developed

Technical data Sheet – B390 Instant Adhesive TDS.

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M Barnwell Services has an impressive range of Sealants, Adhesives, and Lubricants including anaerobic (cures in the absence of air) and Cyanoacrylate (cures through traces of moisture on mating parts). Four different adhesives formulations allow the effective locking or bonding of virtually any combination of materials. A high-performance liquid gasket and a silicone sealant is also available along with a range of safety solvents, primers/activators, and anti-seize / lubricants.

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