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FOUP Door Seals

"This is the beginning of a notable revolution in wafer handling approaches."

the challenge

A FOUP (Front Opening Unified Pod or Front Opening Universal Pod) has a substantial impact on enhancing device yield. A mere 1% yield improvement can translate to over £100 million in device manufacturer profits. In the semiconductor sector, emphasis lies on heightened cleanliness, with material composition and part design being the critical focal points.

the solution

Various material grades were compared, including a compound the customer developed. Four engineered seal designs were evaluated using unfilled Viton GF material. A dedicated 4-cavity tool was crafted (one cavity per design), and a new cryo de-flashing machine was employed for part finishing.

the result

The enhanced seal is presently undergoing testing with the world's largest chip manufacturer. Initial results are promising, indicating the possibility of a significant transformation in wafer handling practices.