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Barnwell Becomes A Member Of The BPMA

Barnwell has become a member of the BMPA (British Pump Manufacturers Association).

The British Pump Manufacturers’ Association (BPMA) is a trade association representing the interests of UK suppliers of liquid pumps and pumping equipment. BPMA’s prime mission is to influence the business environment in the interests of the competitiveness and profitability of the UK Pump Industry through a range of services including commercial, marketing, technical, environmental, educational and energy together with regular meetings of members.

BPMA members are the leading companies in the field of pumping technology in the UK with a commitment to product quality and development, value for money, safety and after sales service. BPMA members account for approximately 85% of the £1 billion plus UK market for pumps and in addition are net exporters.

Barnwell already supplies some of the leading pump manufacturers in the UK. However, our new membership of the BPMA will enable us to present our portfolio of quality products and services to many more companies in this very important industry sector.

Products supplied include:

  • Rotary Shaft seals
  • Mechanical Seals
  • ‘O’ Rings
  • Metal Detectable Seals
  • Gaskets
  • Rubber Mouldings
  • Anti-Vibration Mounts
  • Shaft Repair Kits
  • Sealing Kits
  • Sealants & Adhesives
  • Circlips & Retainers
  • Springs & Fasteners
  • Hydraulic Seals
  • Pneumatic Seals
  • Packings & Extrusions
  • V Rings
  • Bearings
  • PTFE Tubing
  • Seal Maker Service
  • Workwear & Consumables