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Tanker Seals

Sealing Solutions For The Tanker Industry

M Barnwell Services offers UK manufactured Tanker Seals / Inspection Hatch Seals that are available in multiple sizes and many colours to fit the majority of tank lids.

Only using the highest grade of pure materials means we can offer a low compression set and tolerances to ISO3302-1. Full documentation is available and our knowledgeable sales engineers can guide you in every aspect of production, including prototyping, testing, and final part manufacture. Serval profiles are available including Square, Round, Rectangular as well as custom profiles.

Applications for the range include sealing tank lids, hatches – Main / Butterworth / Inspection, road tankers, broad chemicals, product tankers and rail tank cars. As the inner and outer jacket is extruded in the same factory it allows for more control and flexibility with specific chemical / liquid compatibility.

Tanker Seals

Tanker Seals / Inspection Hatch Seal Features and Benefits

  • Total in-house British manufacturer – both inner and outer core
  • Brand personalisation on request
  • Manufactured only using the highest grade materials
  • Provides the lowest compression set in the market
  • Tolerances to ISO3302-1; impressive acceptance criteria documents to match customer requirements
  • Several profiles available including Round, Square, Rectangular and custom profiles
  • Multiple sizes to fit tank lids from most of the major tank lid manufacturers worldwide
  • Different colours available upon request
  • Standard and non standard core materials
  • Outer jacket available in a range of fluoropolymers

Tank Lid SealTank Lid Seal, White Silicone Core

For more information about our range of Tanker Seals / Inspection Hatch Seals contact the team today.

In addition to Tanker Lid Seals, we also supply a large range of Manway Gaskets, Gland Packing / Valve Stem Packing, PTFE Seals, Gaskets and O Rings.

As the UK’s leading sealing specialist, we regularly supply products to the world’s leading companies in the following industries: Automotive, Bus, Truck and Trailer, Rail, Agriculture and Marine.