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Retaining Rings, Snap Rings and Circlips

Providing Retaining Rings, Snap Rings and Circlips to industry

Circlips, snap rings and retaining rings are now integral components of modern engineering design. We offer a wide range of retainers in a variety of designs and materials including standard phosphate spring steel clips from stock and stainless steel, phosphor bronze and special plated finishes at short notice.

Handy internal and external kits, containing various sizes of the most popular products are held in stock. Alternatively, we can make up kits (including pincers) for specific needs. See our Seal Kits and Selection Box page for more details.

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If you would like more information about our range contact a member of the team.


Over 800 sizes of circlips and accessories available from stock.

Inch and Metric dimensions can be supplied from very small 1.5mm to large diameter 1000mm


Typically Internal / Bore Application ; External / Shaft Application ; Open Gap Rings (Internal Application) ; Closed Gap Rings (External Application) ;

Classic Circlips/Retaining Rings, Inverted Circlips, Grip Rings, E Rings, Dished L Rings, Snaprings DIN5417, Support Washers DIN988, Push on Fix Clips, Spring Clips, Bowed W Rings, Shims DIN988, K Type Rings, Crescent Rings, Spring Clips, Round Wire Rings, Square Wire Rings, Heavy Duty Circlips Reinforced Design, Toothed Clips, Lock Rings, Bevelled Circlips,

Circlips - Internal (1300, 1301,1302,1305, 1308, 1360, 2000, DIN472) and External (1400, 1401,1402, 1408,1440, 460,1465, 2100, DIN472), Retaining rings, E-clips (1500,1500C, 1500S, 1500U, 1540, 1800), Wire rings - Internal (1700, 2300, 2500) and External (0500, 0600, 0700, 0900/1000, 1100,1200, 2400), Snap rings (2400, 3200, 7993, 7993A, 73130)


Popular Materials would be Carbon Spring Steel BS1449 CS80, BS1429 nad BS970 070A78, BS5216, BS2870 PB103, BS2873 PB103, BS2870 CB101, AMS5520 PH15-7 Mo, DIN 1.4034, DIN 1.4122, BSC SF14, BS2056 302S25 ; Stainless Steels ; Phosphor Bronze, Beryllium Copper ; Inconel ; Elgiloy ; Hastelloy

Surface Treatment: To achieve sufficient corrosion protection for storage and transport a variety of Finishes can be supplied the standard being Phosphate and Oil others offered include Phosphate, Zinc Plating, Trivalent Chromate, Oil over Steel ;

Many other materials are available please contact us with your enquiry.


Metric & Imperial: Kits & Top-up Bags available


DIN471; DIN472; DIN988; BS3673 Pt 1,2,3,4,Abridged ; MIL-R-21248/MS16625 ; MIL-R-21248/MS16624, DIN471 Table 2 Heavy Duty ; MIL-R-21248/MS3217 ; DIN6799 ; MIL-R-21248/MS16633 ; MIL-R-21248/MS16634 ; MIL-R-21248/MS3215 ; MIL-R-21248/MS16632 ; DIN984 ; DIN983 ; DIN5417

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