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Cartridge Seals

All-in-one seals that provide simple sealing solutions and ease of installation

M Barnwell Services offer a wide range of Cartridge Seals and components that are designed for universal fittings. We are dedicated to providing quality Mechanical Seals and Cartridge Seals for all applications and industries.

Cartridge Seals help overcome many fitting issues inherent to conventional seals. For the most challenging applications, we can provide single or double cartridge mechanical seals that are proven to increase reliability.

The range includes:

Single Casing Cartridge Seal

Machined, O Ring mounted seal provides easy installation.
Multi-Lip Mounted Cartridge Seal

Designed to seal viscous products in high-pressure applications.
3-D Cartridge Seal

Cartridge design mixer seal compensates for extreme shaft movement.
Mechanical Shaft Seal

Compact cartridge double seal ideal for sealing gases and fluids
Single Cartridge Seal

Balanced seal for high-pressure and high-speed service.
Double Cartridge Seal

Accommodates high-speed/high-pressure double seal or tandem applications.
Mixer Seal

For mixers and other equipment with excessive radial shaft movement
Heavy Duty / Component Seal

Heavy-duty, balanced design to handle heavy slurries
Style 35 / 35FS Cartridge Seal

Suitable for dirty applications or vertical pumps that have axial movement

For over 48 years we have continued to support the UK’s leading OEM’s and aftermarket repairers with Cartridge and Mechanical seals. They count on our short lead times and guidance for their sealing applications. Our accomplished team will guide all aspects of your production including prototyping, testing, and final part manufacture.

If you would like more information about our range of Cartridge Mechanical Seals, contact a member of the team today.

What is a Cartridge Seal?

These seals are an arrangement of preassembled components that sit on a shaft-mounted sleeve which is then sealed with an O Ring, gasket or other elastomer. The housing generally replaces the gland cover plate and seals to the pump housing. Due to its preassembled components it has the benefit of reducing installation errors.

Together with Mechanical Seals, they are popular in applications within the Water and Gas, Marine, Power Generation, Petrochemical and Mining industries.

Other benefits include:

  • Quick, easy and almost error free to install
  • No measurements during installation
  • Spring Loaded for extra tension
  • Factory tested

Cartridge Seals M Barnwell Services

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We have a selection of Cartridge Mechanical Seals in stock at our branches in Birmingham, Scotland, Dartford, Bristol and Manchester. However (depending on conditions) if we do not have your item in stock there is a short lead time in supplying your request. Contact the team today for more information.


For detailed technical information about our Cartridge Mechanical Seals, download the brochure below, visit our Technical Support page or contact a member of the team today.