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Anti Vibration Mounts

Anti Vibration Mounts to suit your requirements

M Barnwell Services offer Anti Vibration Mounts, rubber mounts, and rubber-to-metal bonded engineering components that are very simple to use and provide excellent isolation in a wide range of applications. These mounts are available in 45 ShA or 60 ShA natural rubber as standard.

We specialize in Machine Mounts / Feet, Cylindrical Bobbins, Failsafe Mounts, Rubber Buffers and Marine Engine Mounts. For more information open our types below.

Examples of our range of AV Mounts (Click to enlarge):

Anti Vibration Mounts

If you would like more information about our range of AV Mounts, download our AV Mountings catalogue or contact a member of the team.


Sizes dependant on design.

Standard range as per our catalogue.


Natural Rubber (as standard), Nitrile (NBR), Chloroprene (CR), FKM, VMQ (Silicone), Polyurethane (AU)

45 Shore and 60 Shore are standards, with other hardnesses available on request.


Cylindrical Mounts (A, B, C, D, E), Shear and Compression Mount (AD), Angle Mount (AMV), Hexagonal Mount (AH), Low Frequency Mount (O). Concave Buffers(DS, ES), Cylindrical Buffers (DD, ED), Parabolic Buffers (DP, EP), Clamp Mount (CP), Buffers (DM), Rectangular Buffers (DM), Cylindrical Mounts (KP), Compactor Mount (KBR), Machinery Mount (KPR), Cast Foot (KF), Marine Mount (KMR), Flower Pot Mount (KPF), Shock Mount (KPS), Flange Mount (SCM), Mounts (KMC), Flange Pedestal Mount (KPM), Shear Mount (U), Sandwich Mount (SM), Anchor Mat - Anti-vibration Mat, Versatile Rail Mounts (GBS, GBR), Universal Mount (KPUM), Pedestal Mount (KPN), Flexible Locator Mount (TH), Centre Bonded Mount (TB), Fully Bonded Bush (KPCB), Semi Bonded Bush (KPSB), Foot Mounts (FMG, FMR, FMB, FMSS, FM)