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"M Barnwell Services significantly increased our cycle life, reducing down time"

the challenge

SIP (steam in place) at temperatures of 300°F (148°C) and 145 psi, in contact with cleaning agents, steam and the primary media which is dairy related products. The previous PTFE valve diaphragms were blistering from SIP cleaning between product runs and maintenance. This was causing premature failure of the diaphragms and bacteria build-up in between layers of the PTFE which was leading to costly downtime and potential product recalls.

the solution

We suggested GYLON® 3522, which did not blister under the intense operating conditions and offers four times the flex life of conventional PTFE.

the result

This led to less downtime with parts lasting over 300k cycles without being changed. The unique structure of 3-A certified GYLON® 3522 reduces the amount of voids in the material which extends flex life.