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Guide Rings

Wear Rings / Guide Rings / Bearing Rings / Bearing Tape For Hydraulic and Pneumatic Applications

M Barnwell Services is a leading supplier of Guide Rings to the Earth Moving and Construction and Hydraulic industries.

Available from stock, and in many sizes, our materials include PTFE, Glass Reinforced Nylon, Synthetic fiber-reinforced polyester composites, Phenolic, Reinforced Nylon®, and Polyester Resin. If you require specialist, fast or bespoke products our in-house seal maker machines can deliver your requirements within 24 hours*.

Wear Rings, Bearing Rings and Bearing Tape are alternative names for Guide Rings. Their function is to prevent contact between two dynamic surfaces (usually the piston and the piston rod), causing reduce friction and wear. In addition to this, they can also prevent metal to metal contact between sliding parts.

Guide RingsWear Rings

If you are unsure of your requirements, contact our team who will happily help you choose the right solution.


Hydraulic and Pneumatic
Rod, Piston, Piston Rod


From a low of -195°C to a high of +280°C.
Products may vary E &OE.

Sliding Speed

(max)-m/sn - 0.8 to 5.0
Products may vary E &OE.


Conditions apply